May 18, 2011

Are you a Blogger?

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:21 pm by Peg Fitzpatrick

I have been asked this question many times since I have been on Twitter. I have continually said no because I did not have a concept that I felt I wanted to offer to the already vast number of blogs that exist.  Being at the #unGeeked elite retreat I was surrounded by a roomful of intelligent, dynamic people that inspired me in so many different ways but most importantly just to think, share and grow. It helped me to realize that I have more than just a voice on Twitter or Facebook. I spiffed up my Twitter handle from @pegsta1 to @pegfitzpatrick and here I am.

One thing that really got me thinking was a very kind tweet from someone that I greatly respect: “@relevance #FF @pegsta1 I wish she blogged -what she does in 140 characters makes me want to see what she’d do with 500 words.”  Hmmmm

Then I had an awesome experience at my very first #blogchat which my friend @TobeyDeys urged me to attend. At this chat I was discussing a blog post with @JessicaLenvin and I tweeted this: ” @JessicaLevin How about how not to lose your audience? #blogchat

And it inspired Heidi Cohen, a blogger whom I greatly admire, to write this post: How Not to Lose Your Audience I love that Heidi knows who she is, when she enters a chat she says “Hi, I am Heidi and I blog.”

A tweet from a new friend Jen during #ungeeked: “@jenhowver my new friend @pegsta1 is a super connecter… if u haven’t met her yet, u will! #ungeeked

One last tweet by me from #ungeeked after being asked by a Discussion Leader, who here blogs:  “Who blogs at #ungeeked? Everyone but me. #GoTeam!!”

What do all these things have in common? Well, this was finalized in a conversation with one more friend, Daniel Newman (@danielnewmanUV)in which we discussed blogging and themes.   He told me that I was a connector, which is true. Friends have the amazing gift of knowing you in ways that you do not see yourself. Since I have returned from #Ungeeked I have been sending intro tweets all over the place so my old friends could meet my new friends and while I was at the conference I tweeted out everything I could so that my friends could also benefit from the great things I was learning. If you were at the conference, I did my best to say hello and get to know you.

So this is the theme of my blog: Connecting the Dots: people and ideas coming together.

Thank you to Ted, Heidi, Tobey, Jessica, Jen and Daniel for their inspiration and thank you for reading my first post. I look forward to growing and connecting with you.